Super Scouts Launch @ MCON 2

Coordination as performance art by many of your favorite DAO tools from around the globe.

Over the past year we have been openly engaged with a number of like-minded partners to build collaborative reputation tools together. Aligning the interests of multiple independent entities is no small feat, and we are proud to count among our community so many dedicated builders that continue to ship, bear or bull.

MCON to Launch

Last week at MCON 2 in Denver Colorado, a group of builders launched MetaCartel Grants V2, also known as Super Scouts. This upgrade extends their coordination into smaller groups. By giving autonomy to a smaller group of people within their DAO, members can move faster. Armed with a ⅜ multisig and 32 ETH from the parent treasury, Super Scout members can focus in on a specific kind of grant theme without needing the entire DAO to participate. The extension also includes the ability to revoke this authority from the Super Scout group, track distributions to grantees, member reputation and more. 

Coordination as Performance Art

With the foundation of Super Scouts in place, another group of contributors saw an opportunity to enhance this use case. Each of these contributors we affectionately have been named Cub Scouts. (see what we did there?) A modular reputation system for future use with no lock-in came together. With the help of leaders like Bau (DAOhaus) and James Young (Collab.Land), Humpty Calderon (Hats Protocol / Orange Protocol) and Bryan Peterson (Sobol) we saw a group form organically. Hats brought DAO-controlled authority and delegation, Orange provided vetting grantees with VCreds (verifiable credentials) and ntNFTs (non-transferrable NFTs), Collabland brought fast and easy voting with VCreds, and Sobol visualized and tracked funds and reputation. This initial PoC (proof of concept) for a solution was presented and was met with 100 or so builders who clapped and cheered at the end of their presentation. As the most well attended side stage room at MCON, many Founders saw the potential in integrating and using these collective pieces. This project and the teamwork involved reminds us of our web3 ethos that the individual contributor is weaker than the sum of its parts. As a final cap stone, the group decided to spend their last cycle integrating with Gitcoin Passport to further the use case and make the pieces more extensible and modular.

Year over year, we have found MCON to be one of the best events of the year for deeper collaboration between builders. Organizations gathering with shared values will be one of the primary drivers of innovation. From Gitcoin to MetaCartel, Sobol, CollabLand, and Orange Protocol, reputation and ntNFTS (non-transferable NFTs) are poised to transform the way we collaborate efficiently in decentralized societies.

Pushing decision making to the edges helps to deliver greater degrees of what DAOs promise in the transformation of loosely connected and tightly coordinated groups. Everyone deciding everything is a recipe for information overload and voter apathy. We believe that those with the best information and best historical reputation should be empowered to make capital deploying decisions. Groups and individuals will be judged by their own merits and allow for a stronger efficient frontier between rewards and contributions along the life of an investment group.

Super Scouts (MCV Grants V2) + Cub Scout Augmentation

URL: @BausBuns of DAOhaus

The main benefit in working together is that our incentives are more aligned than if a single entity prioritized their own requirements and needs above others. The greater the surface area of benefit, the more likely others are willing to join to add to a larger network effect. Few projects and people in our space embody this collaborative spirit as much as @BryanPeters and Sobol have.