The Consensys Mesh Media Summit

In the spirit of our 2022 event, Ethereal Assembly, join us during Art Basel Miami 2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of web3, we believe collaborative efforts are essential for progress. Few things move the needle more than bringing leaders together in the same room. In our ongoing commitment to fostering innovation, we started to host private, invite-only roundtables of the best builders, focusing on major collaboration and pain points in web3. During ArtBasel Miami this December, we will bring together another driven group, focused on Media and Entertainment. We know these are very large sectors, and we believe bringing leaders together can drive more effective progress. A cooperative spirit and willingness to collaborate are all we ask of invitees.

Our goal is to empower founders with tangible next steps that can change the course of their business and their respective part of the broader web3 space . Discussion topics we may touch on include marketing attribution, identity, reputation, portable data, sharing standards, and aligning incentives for the utilization of this data. These topics are often at the intersection of web2 and web3, and we know that solutions will vary. 

When companies in our collective space work together to serve the end users' needs more value will be created and greater network effects reached. As value is created, value can be shared to reach higher levels of sustainable growth and low churn.

Many of our most recent investments in (loyalty reimagined), Threedium (powers 3D/AR assets), and Spindl (marketing attribution), are leading the way forward in these areas, but we know that true progress will require great collective effort.

We have already sent invitations out but have a few select seats left if you are currently building in the arena and open to working with other exemplary leaders. 

Please reach out to if this describes you as a Founder.

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