Investment Spotlight: Venture Punk

Get to know Venture Punk, a next generation Web3 product studio focused on innovation and rapid experimentation.

Venture Punk is a next generation Web3 product studio focused on innovation and rapid experimentation in the areas of decentralized finance, digital culture, and the metaverse. Launched by Jordan Lyall, its first product is Skylab, a curated builder community that includes some of web3’s most ambitious and accomplished founders and investors.

Jordan is well known in the meta MESH ecosystem, having worked at ConsenSys prior to launching the DontBuyMeme NFT project in Q4 of 2020 and co-founding Nifty’s. We are thrilled to continue our support of Jordan in this new venture, which is deeply connected to our commitment to fostering the next generation of DAOs.

Venture Punk will operate and invest in open communities, DAOs and NFT builders. By taking a people first approach and coupling it with proven processes like design thinking, all of the products it will launch will go through a strict series of product market fit iterations. 

Outside of Skylab, current products in the works include a web3 gaming platform, a protocol for on-chain metadata, a featured NFT drop site, and a platform for beta testing products. For more information on Venture Punk you can check out their website, follow them on Twitter, or sign up for their newsletter. They are also hiring - more here on that front.