MESH's fresh fit

How our new brand came to be.

Hi Meta Mesh family,

You might have noticed we got a new look recently. After several months of iterations and design work, we are thrilled to finally share our new brand with our community!

We worked with Studio Lowrie, a talented London based team for several months on the design and brand strategy.

True to our web3 ethos, we thought we’d peel back the curtain on our process, share some of the steps along the way, and tell the story of how we ended up with our new style!

We started by asking our community what they thought of the current Mesh brand and where they wanted to see it go. Some responses worth highlighting:

“Mesh is Meshy”

“Mesh is the interoperable launchpad of web3”

“A network of killer web3 projects and talent”

“Hardly anyone knows or understands Mesh; the transfer of the ConsenSys brand to CSI has left Mesh in a vacuum. Most people still introduce themself as ConsenSys employees, because it's much easier - and because it's not clear what Mesh really stands for.”

With this feedback and a lot more where that came from, Studio Lowrie got to work identifying the direction we needed to take the brand. There was one major insight in their initial strategy pitch which stood out to us:

This is a fundamental tension in web3 in general, and especially within the Mesh network. Mesh is a network that seeks to support our deeply technical community of founders, while also supporting all of the incoming investors, builders, and talent that can provide value to our portfolio. With this guiding light came the fun part: inspiration imagery.

Below are some early inspiration images provided by the Lowrie team. These images show how we always started by acknowledging the tension between simplicity and complexity. From Sol Lewitt, to richly textured layers, to a simple Nike swoosh, we were drawn to these visuals for our design direction.

We were then presented with two design directions. And you probably guessed it, one was intricate and detailed, while the other was refreshingly simple.

Route 1: A futuristic mark made up of interconnecting and separate elements reflecting Mesh and the meta Mesh. This direction was bold and complex.

Route 2: Took the M of Mesh in its simplest form to create something instantly recognizable at any size or from any distance. The mark becomes a container for content of all sorts and is friendly while maintaining its boldness.

Both routes had elements we loved, but we were particularly drawn to route 2. Yes, it’s simple, but in its simplicity one can incorporate all kinds of complexity. Reflective of Mesh itself, the new brand is the simplest layer in a vast network of people, projects, and protocols experimenting and innovating at the bleeding edge of Web3.

To cap off the designs, we worked with the brilliant animator Connor Campbell on a series of animations that would bring motion, complexity, and texture to the mark. These animations were all over Ethereal Assembly and will be all over the soon-to-be-released Check out some of the stills below:

We could talk about our new look all day so if you have more questions, reach out! And yes, we worked with Studio Lowrie for Tachyon’s new look too!