Meet the 13 companies in Filecoin Launchpad, powered by Tachyon

Tachyon 6 cohort companies are building across the web3 public goods, NFTs, infrastructure and gaming industries. Get to know them before Demo Day on June 30th!

Filecoin Launchpad Demo Day, powered by Tachyon, is fast approaching on June 30th (RSVP here). If you haven’t met the Tachyon 6 cohort yet, we’re here to get you up to speed on the best and brightest teams building new projects in public goods, NFTs, infrastructure and gaming. And if you want to learn more about Tachyon, you can do so here.



Co-founders René Pinnell and Ruben Campos are on a mission to build the world's largest web3 fund for public goods. Artizen has developed a unique model for community grants that provides automatic financial support in an efficient, transparent, and democratic way. They’ve already awarded more than $500,000 to creators, and partnered with major companies and cultural institutions such as Microsoft, HP, Unity Technologies, the Cannes and Tribeca Film Festivals, and now they are expanding into web3. René and Ruben’s backgrounds in creative design and product development give them a unique perspective on funding the creative process. Find out more here.

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Chaincraft is an auction site that starts NFTs at 90% below the floor price - with no reserve. Sellers still earn more than the floor price because fees are collected from each bid. The discount against a collection’s floor price is possible through a novel auction format where you pay-to-bid. Co-founders Sandeep Arneja and Rod Fuentes have an ambitious roadmap - so far NFT Deals has had 3 live auctions, including NFTs from projects such as Goblintown and Cyber Kongz, with bid revenue growing 24% since launch. Read more about the project here.

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Hashscan is an NFT community management and growth platform that provides NTF projects with the necessary tools to manage and grow their community. Users can create communities around NFTs using dashboards and tools and can filter holders according to net worth, protocol usage, .eth demain, social media credentials, and more. Hashscan can also be used to find power users for whitelists or airdrops, or to gain insights on the most popular NFT and token holdings within a community. Learn more here.

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FluidNFT Labs, Inc.

Michael Gordon’s company FluidNFT Labs enables instant NFT-collateralized loans on Ethereum. The community banking project allows users to unlock liquidity and participate in a new wave of DeFi. They are pioneering Community Owned Liquidity (DeFi 3.0), a new paradigm they are pioneering is Community Owned Liquidity (DeFi 3.0), and to do so they are empowering NFT collectors, creators and the missions they support. More here.

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Photure Inc

Photure is a decentralized global news network that offers peer-to-peer, unedited, uncensored first-person perspectives. On Photorue you can create images, videos, and articles as NFT’s with authenticity built into the metadata. Co-founders Matthew Gray, Evan Morris and Patrick Pistor have an ambitious roadmap and the company has already seen over 30,000 downloads since launch. Read more here.

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Srijan Jain and Utsav Singla are building a creator economy platform that incentivizes fans through perks and engagement via social NFTs. Respct aims to revolutionize Web3 gaming by onboarding games and gamers into the metaverse. They offer game discovery, online transferable ID, an NFT marketplace, and platform missions that make it easy to engage and reward players from games and guilds. Browse their website here for more.

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Prashant Maurya and Mitrasish Mukherjee are building the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way to deploy your web apps and projects onto Decentralized Cloud Storage. In just 3 clicks on Spheron, you can deploy a full stack app to the decentralized cloud. With infinite storage and bandwidth, it is 5x cheaper than centralized providers and has a 99.99% uptime record. Traditional cloud native projects, decentralized projects, and serverless apps can all be deployed via Spheron. Learn more here.

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HighFi supports web3 customers at scale by providing personalized platforms to onboard new web3 users. Its web3 live chat plugin allows users to swiftly receive needed answers to questions, thus saving their support staff from searching and decoding logs. Their mission is to make web3 conversations easy for 300M wallet addresses, and you can read more about the project here.

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Rodeo Money

Co-Founders Suraj Shah, Ben Fernandez and Devin Kopp are behind Rodeo money, an app that earns you passive DeFi income daily. Their mission is to unlock financial freedom for the 60M+ US Americans looking for additional revenue streams. With Rodeo you can get rewarded for paying your bills and easily earn crypto deposits into DeFi, as well as manage finances all in one place. Rodeo offers a self-custodial wallet and the ability to automate personal finances. More here.

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HyperDapp is a decentralized protocol that enables users to create and deploy front-ends for dApps. Their mission is to make blockchain interactions transparents and secure. With a code editor, a flow editor, a flow registry, and an interpreter engine, it’s easy to design and deploy editable front-ends on HyperDapp. It is also EVM compatible, meaning the logic workflows can integrate with the likes of Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Fantom, and Arbitrum. Get to know the project more here.

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USM Lab, Radio Caca

Emma Russell and Diane Chu are building a metaverse they describe as ‘cooler than cryptovoxels’. Radio Caca is home to the Mars 3D metaverse, the popular blockchain Metamon world, NFT marketplaces, and more. They’ve been the exclusive web3 partner for French Montana, Dr. Tracy Fanara, Walter Walberg, Kaylin Whitney, Sebastian Buemi, and other athletes and artists. Step into their metaverse here.

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Blockchain Gaming

BCG is a platform that enables web3 gaming guilds to manage their assets and grow communities online. The platform simplifies the complexities of running a guild through an all-in-one solution featuring a web & mobile app, keyless integration, analytics, recruiting & onboarding, a discord bot, and KYC. The first game they started supporting is Axie Infinity, and they recently also started supporting Pegaxy. Co-founders Anthony Liang and Brendan Pelletier are both long-time gamers with backgrounds in software engineering. Read more about BCG here.

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Ephere Football

Agu Rodríguez and the team at Ephere is building a football metaverse where you can play to earn. Their goal is to build the most advanced football management game for people all around the world. They empower football fans with ownership via Ephereals, non-fungible, transferable and scarce digital assets stored in a smart contract implementing the NFT standard Binance Smart Chain. Read more and join a team here!

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