ConsenSys Mesh at ETHDenver 2022

Join us as we sponsor the DAO & Community track at ETHDenver.

First things first, a few introductions are in order. 👋🏽  If we had a penny for every person who has asked us if we are a portfolio company of ConsenSys, we’d have more jars than we could count (although who wants pennies anyways when you can have crypto?).

In fact, ConsenSys Mesh is the “original mothership” of the ConsenSys ecosystem. In 2020, the software product stack that includes MetaMask and Infura spun out under the namesake of ConsenSys. Meanwhile, ConsenSys Mesh continues to invest and incubate Web3 projects and currently houses a portfolio of over 190 company positions representing more than 249 founders, and more than 5,000 individual community members (what we call the “Meta-Mesh”).

Our mission at Mesh is to build the age of community. We have companies and projects devoted to DeFi, DAO governance and tooling, and software and blockchain protocol development, and extend across the worlds of tech, finance, art, social media, entertainment, gaming & more. We also offer the intensive 12-week accelerator Tachyon for early stage start-ups and host a Research & Development team that spearheads groundbreaking technological advancements.

At ETHDenver we will be the official DAO & Community track sponsor. We have been involved in the DAO ecosystem since 2016 (see history here) and are active participants in the likes of Fingerprints DAO, The LAO, Dark Horse DAO, PieDAO, Tribute Labs, and more.

We are looking forward to connecting with our wide network of portfolio companies and DAOs at ETHDenver, and maybe summoning up a new DAO or two…

Do not miss:

DAO or die: the future of PFP NFTs: Mesh COO Michael Kriak will be giving a talk on DAO participation in NFT projects. He will be diving into some successful use-cases, exploring pitfalls to avoid, and how to participate effectively in a DAO structure. In his words, there is rightly audacious talk about the future of NFTs, but are we really just here to sweep the floor? Learn what’s needed beyond vague website landing page roadmaps, Discord/Twitter users and a core team.  Date and time TBD.

The Next DAO Frontiers: Mesh investment Partner Shawn Cheng will dive in with web3’s most leading DAO builders. The session will include Aaron Wright from Tribute Labs who helps to power The LAO, Flamingo, Neon, Neptune among others; James Young from the leading tokenized community management system, and a special guest (to be announced). Topics will include projects they are excited about, and how DAOs are inching further into the mainstream. Date and time TBD.

NFT Platform TreeTrunk Debuts: Join Baseline cofounder and Mesh Group Executive John Wolpert as he debuts TreeTrunk on stage at ETHDenver. TreeTrunk is a game-changing improvement to NFT standards with an extension of the ERC-721 that, for the first time in the Ethereum ecosystem, can collect and distribute royalties on the blockchain. The new platform and marketplace, going into beta on Polygon at ETH Denver, is the first to implement this new smart contract. In addition to being able to handle royalty payments from the secondary sales of non-fungible-tokens (NFTs) immediately and securely, the TreeTrunk NFT can distribute royalties to both creators and resellers. Don't miss the announcement and first drops from notable NFT artists on TreeTrunk at ETH Denver.  

Tachyon brunch bites: Web3 accelerator Tachyon will be hosting a brunch on Thursday, February 17th from 11am-2pm at Exile Kitchen. DM us for password access.

ConsenSys Mesh booth: Come meet us at our booth for Mesh swag and smiles. We’ll have a roster of people manning the booth, from the Tachyon team to Baseline Protocol and Datapult, and we’ll even have a recruiting time-slot. Keep an eye on our socials for a timeline closer to the date!

Whether you are an ETHDenver first-timer or part of the OG crowd, we can’t wait to say hi! And if you’re dying to get in touch and the anticipation is too great, you can always reach us here anytime.